We invest in businesses, not stocks.

Our strength is identifying good businesses that give higher long term returns.

What sets us apart

Our core skill is identifying good businesses. Here’s how we do it.

True long-term approach

A focus on business quality and compounding, not quarterly profits and tips.


Decades of experience, across sectors and backgrounds, working for you.

Looking at metrics that matter

Emphasis on cash flows, good management and growth runway.

More analysts,

A larger team focusing on fewer companies each, leading to more time for insightful research.

Comprehensive Primary Research

Including customers, employees, vendors & more: we take stock selection seriously.


Bespoke solutions for advisors and family offices, tailored to your needs

Linked employee remuneration

“Your success is our success” is not just a cliché for us!


Employee-authored newsletters - that keeps us thinking, up-to-date & inspired.

We do the research, analysis and selection.

Compounding and time does the rest.

What we offer


Two signature products, depending on investors’ horizon and risk appetite. Meticulously selected, monitored and managed.

Co-branded fund management offerings for advisors

We work with financial partners to develop a solution for their customers. Made for exclusive distribution.

Bespoke fund management solutions

Investment management and advisory services to institutions and family offices, both onshore and offshore.


Looking beyond equity? We can help investors gain diversification in their portfolios.

Knowledge corner

At Tamohara, we know inspiration can strike from anywhere. Which is why we encourage our analysts to read and experience new things – some of those learnings are distilled here for you.


Ashmayu: Our Newsletter

Meaning ‘rays of light’, our newsletter showcases thoughts by our employees drawing lessons from not just investments and companies, but everyday life. Latest newsletter:
Story of The Year - Ashmayu - Newsletter

Kameera: Weekend Reads

Our team curates a selection of fabulous articles and blog posts for you! The title means ‘surrounded by light’, which is what we hope readers will be! Latest:
Story of The Year - Ashmayu - Newsletter


Our Partners

Tamohara is proud to associate with these companies, who provide outsourced support services.

About Tamohara Investment Managers

Tamohara Investment Managers is a SEBI-registered, platform-neutral investment management company, founded and managed by a group of like minded, energetic and passionate individuals. We create and invest in benchmark and market cap-agnostic equity and multi-asset portfolios, focused on compounding our investors’ wealth over a long-term horizon. The company is based in Mumbai, India.

SEBI registration number: INP000004763 RIA registration number: INA000013873 CIN: U74999MH2014PTC258390

Contact us

Registered Office:

71-A, Mittal Chambers,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400021


Tamohara Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. 1402- Peninsula Park,
Off Veera Desai Road,
Andheri (W) Mumbai – 400053

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With a focus on deriving insight and inspiration from all around us, our team is encouraged to author a paper each month. We would love to share new ways of thinking about investments, with you.